Sending Emails Should Be Easier in RMarkdown

Sending Emails should be easier in RMarkdown

Create Nice Looking Bubbles in Rmarkdown and Shiny Backgrounds with bubblyr

Recently, I’ve created a package called bubblyr that allows you to render nice looking bubbles in Rmarkdown documents and Shiny applications. It’s extremely easy to use ! you only need to implement one function and choose a theme. You can have a look at the available themes here. You can also specify the text color with the color argument. @import url(''); body{font-family: 'Merriweather', serif;} library(bubblyr) bubbly(theme = "gravitas") body{color:white} bubbly({ colorStart: '#F92672', colorStop: '#59B6C7', bubbles:222, blur:1, compose: 'source-over', bubbleFunc:() = `hsla(${222 + Math.