Data Analysis with BARIS and Word Cloud rendering

BARIS is finally on CRAN !!! To celebrate, let’s make another tutorial. We’ll randomly pick up a dataframe and work on it. First of all, we list the datasets displayed within the home page of : We use the knitr package to print out the data into an markdown format instead of R code : library(BARIS) library(tidyverse) library(knitr) BARIS_home() %>% kable(format = "markdown") id title organization page views frequency temporal_cov_start temporal_cov_end created_at last_modified last_update archived deleted 5eebbc067a14b6fecc9c9976 Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles et Répertoire Spécifique France compétences https://www.

Working with the French Open Data Portal using BARIS

The French official open data portal offers a huge quantity of information. They also provide a well structured API. The BARIS package allows you to exploit this API in order to get the required data from the portal. Within the portal there is the concept of a dataset which contains one or several dataframes or resources. So, if I use the resource term, you need to apprehend it as the dataframe inside a dataset.