List of Publications

Submitted Papers

  • Mohamed El Fodil Ihaddaden, Investigating Eurosystem Central Banking Efficiency: A Data Envelopment Analysis Approach.

  • Mohamed El Fodil Ihaddaden, Impact of Political Uncertainty on Banking Performance: Investigating the Jasmin Revolution Effect on the Tunisian Banking System.

  • Mohamed El Fodil Ihaddaden, Being State-Owned is not a Fatality: Improving Public Bank’s Performance Using the Data Envelopment Analysis Radial and Super-Efficiency Models: An Algerian Case Study.

Working Papers

  • Mohamed El Fodil Ihaddaden, Is there a Relationship between Credit Information Exchange and Entrepreneurship? A Cross Country Evidence.
Mohamed El Fodil Ihaddaden
Ph.D candidate in Economics.

My research interests include Performance Management, Data Envelopment Analysis and Artificial Intelligence applied to Economics.