Taking notes in RMarkdown using the fabricerin package

I’ve recently released a new package called fabricerin, now you can insert easily a canvas withing RMarkdown documents and Shiny apps for drawing or notes taking.

How to do that ? one function:

  • fabric_drawing(): allows you implement a canvas in which you can draw/take notes.

Try it yourself, take some notes !


fabric_drawing(cid = "canvasId", #canvas Id 
               cwidth = 1000, #canvas width
               cheight = 1000, #canvas height
               cfill = "#282A36", #canvas color
               drawingWidth = 10, #width of the drawing lines
               gumSize = 50 #size of the gum

You can change play with the arguments to shape you canvas and your drawing experience.

fabric_drawing(cid = "canvasId2", #canvas Id 
               cwidth = 200, #canvas width
               cheight = 200, #canvas height
               cfill = "#FFCD43", #canvas color
               drawingWidth = 5, #width of the drawing lines
               gumSize = 50 #size of the gum

For more info, here is the Github repo

Mohamed El Fodil Ihaddaden
Ph.D candidate in Economics.

My research interests include Performance Management, Efficiency Analysis and Experimental Economics.