Taking notes in RMarkdown using the fabricerin package

I’ve recently released a new package called fabricerin, now you can insert easily a canvas withing RMarkdown documents and Shiny apps for drawing or notes taking.

How to do that ? one function:

  • fabric_drawing(): allows you implement a canvas in which you can draw/take notes.

Try it yourself, take some notes !


fabric_drawing(cid = "canvasId", #canvas Id 
               cwidth = 1000, #canvas width
               cheight = 1000, #canvas height
               cfill = "#282A36", #canvas color
               drawingWidth = 10, #width of the drawing lines
               gumSize = 50 #size of the gum

You can change play with the arguments to shape you canvas and your drawing experience.

fabric_drawing(cid = "canvasId2", #canvas Id 
               cwidth = 200, #canvas width
               cheight = 200, #canvas height
               cfill = "#FFCD43", #canvas color
               drawingWidth = 5, #width of the drawing lines
               gumSize = 50 #size of the gum

For more info, here is the Github repo

Dr. Mohamed El Fodil Ihaddaden, Ph.D

My research interests include Performance Management, Efficiency Analysis and Experimental Economics.