Sending Emails Should Be Easier in RMarkdown

Recently, I was reading a cool blog post by Martin Chan. I was curious to see how they’ve implemented the googlesheets4 package to collect and monitor data, (I know I could have checked their Github repo but I had a precise question). When I clicked the Contact me icon, this happened:

I really want to stress out that the problems comes from me. I’m a lazy person and I don’t know why I’ve never been able to set up my email software manager. This is my kryptonite. For lazy people like me, I wanted to share this solution.

Recently, I’ve developed a small package called mailtoR which deals with this kind of issues. To see what it does, click here and choose your preferred email service.

See ? I’ve used the following code but in an inline fashion:


use_mailtoR() # This function is mandatory

mailtoR(email = "", 
        text = "here", 
        subject = "pizza quattro formaggi", 
        body = "Hey buddy, you deserve a quattro formaggi pizza !!!")

Thanks !!!

Dr. Mohamed El Fodil Ihaddaden, Ph.D

My research interests include Performance Management, Efficiency Analysis and Experimental Economics.