Introducing the rintimg Package. Click on an Image and See it on Full Screen.

rintimg is an R wrapper of the intense-images JavaScript library. Using rintimg you can view an image in full screen by clicking on it. The package works on Rmd documents and Shiny applications. It’s extremely simple to implement: you only need to run one function : img_intensify().

By default img_intensify() intensifies all the images available within a document nevertheless you can focus on a set of images using a class attribute.

Below I’ve used the class name intensify to target the first two images (from the top):

<img src = "" width = "100px" height = "100px" class = "intensify">

<img src = "" width = "100px" height = "100px" class = "intensify">

<img src = "" width = "100px" height = "100px">


img_intensify(target = ".intensify")

Dr. Mohamed El Fodil Ihaddaden, Ph.D

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