AlgeRian R users: Fatma Zohra Samiha

Fatma Zohra Samiha has recently graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Statistique et d’Economie Appliquée ENSSEA. She has a master degree in applied economics. Currently, she’s looking for her first challenge.

I know that at ENSSEA, we teach mostly Eviews and SPSS, how did you come to use R ?

I was introduced to the R world thanks to our time series professor, madam Chaouech Saloua who asked us to use to make a forecast using R and another software of our choice. I suddenly felt in love with R, getting the required results with few lines of code was magical.

Nice ! did you use base R or a specific package to make your forecast ?

I used the forecast package which provides the great auto.arima() function.

What was your master research topic ?

My master thesis treated the Application of supervised machine learning models in order to predict customer churn at Djezzy company.

So, a machine learning subject, quite ambitious, which model did you implement ?

I benchmarked three algorithms: logistic regression, Linear Support Vector Machine and random forest. The best performance was reached by the linear SVM model.

I hope you’ll find your dream job very soon where you’ll apply your expertise in data analysis and machine learning.

Finally, do you have a message to the current ENSSEA students who might read this article ?

I would like to invite all the ENSSEA students to use R instead of the classical commercial softwares because according to me R reperesents the future of data analysis.

Well thank you very much Miss Samiha for sharing your R experience with us. I hope you’ll contribute with Miss Kamila Benadrouche to establish the first Algerian R-ladies group. Of course, people can contact you at

Mohamed El Fodil Ihaddaden
Ph.D candidate in Economics.

My research interests include Performance Management, Data Envelopment Analysis and Artificial Intelligence applied to Economics.